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Happy Memorial Day, guys!

I hope you guys have been enjoying your time off and remembering our brothers and sisters from all the branches who have served and passed.

I spent my morning just as I did last year…in the damn cold because Utah weather can’t make up its damn mind. The high was 60 today…BLAH! I also spent the morning planting flag at a local cemetery with my Dad, a 20-year Navy vet, and my good friend Troy, the fury guy in the photos above.

Troy has recently ETSed out of the Army and this was his first Memorial Day home since 2005. The very first thing we did when we got our handful of flags from the VFW folks was find Troy’s grandfather’s headstone. I’ve know the guy five years and I never knew his grandfather was a WWII Navy veteran. His grave has no markers or indicators that he was a veteran, so Troy wanted to make damn sure his grandfather got that small bit of recognition.

Many other veterans were remembered today. Whether or not they lost their lives in combat, we still remember them for their service and willingness to give the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

I hope you all stay safe and enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend!